Promotional tools & branded pocket knives are popular outdoor advertising products. Bring out the inner handyman with these personalised tools and pocket knives. Perfect for travel or the outdoors, they will surely come in handy especially during emergencies. When branded with your logo or advertising message, they are also transformed as ma...Read More

Promotional tools & branded pocket knives are popular outdoor advertising products. Bring out the inner handyman with these personalised tools and pocket knives. Perfect for travel or the outdoors, they will surely come in handy especially during emergencies. When branded with your logo or advertising message, they are also transformed as marketing tools, helping your promote your brand. Promotional Product Experts offers customers with plenty of choices befitting all kinds of preferences and budget, including card tool sets, tool kits and compact screwdrivers. For more details, click on the images below or contact our customer service.

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Comes with 4 interchangeable screwdriver bits, a level and a LED flashlight. Individually packaged in a white box. Please note that many battery powered products a plastic isolator is placed in front of the battery to prevent activation during shipment. This must be removed before the product will work properly.


Spidey 8-In-1 Screwdriver Flashlight Get your senses ready for this 8-in-One Screwdriver Flashlight. Perfect to keep around the house, this tool has 1 LED light, 3 Phillips head, 3 Flat head, and a small eye glass tool with screw on cap. Press the button once for the flashlight, and again for the LED to illuminate the tools. 3 AAA batteries included.


Handy Mate Multi-Tool with Hammer Its hammer time. 12-in-1 hammer multi-tool includes hammer, pliers, wire cutter, nail file, flat heat screw driver, bottle opener, can opener, saw, serrated blade, Phillips head screw driver, blade and wrench.


Thor 10-Function Pocket Knife This large 10 function pocket knife multi-tool is great for any situation. Includes large knife, small knife, cork screw, 2 flat head screwdrivers, can opener, bottle opener, pliers, scissors, Phillips head screwdriver, and keyring.


Oblong 9-Function Pocket Knife Be ready for any situation with this 9 function pocket knife. Includes cork screw, nail file, nail picker, Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, knife, scissors, and key ring.


Roadster Gift Set (Black) Four-piece set includes auto case, flashlight, tire gauge and Colonnade Twist in silver (#1015-05). Contoured design case holds all gift set components. Flashlight includes 2 AAA batteries. Tire gauge measures up to 50 psi. Includes 1-piece protective box. Decorating not available on individual components. Includes 1-piece...


Zippered case with open top pocket on front cover. Includes personal mirror, fingernail clipper, toenail clipper, cuticle tool, nail file, scissors and tweezers.


8mm carabiner. Woven nylon strap with compass. Metal split key ring. Laser engraving recommended. Not intended for climbing.


Single red LED key light. Metal split key ring. Push button power.


Forza Screwdriver Set Slide-out compartment contains 2 sizes flathead and 2 sizes Philips-head bits. Magnetic base holds bit in place for use.


Tempo 5-in-1 Screwdriver Flashlight 2 slot bits, 2 Phillips bits and a magnetic bit holder in a convenient size container with 2 slots for the bit holder and a single white LED light with on/off power switch.


Penta 6-in-1 Screwdriver Flashlight Convenient size foldable screwdriver tool for torx star head, flat and Philips styles and 4 white LED flashlight with on/off power switch on the back.


2 flathead and Phillips-head flip-out mini screwdrivers. Single white LED light with thumb-slide on/off power switch. Metal split key ring.


Functions include pliers, knife blade, Phillips-head screwdriver, flat-head screwdriver (small and large), bottle opener, can opener, saw blade and nail file. Includes nylon storage pouch with belt loop. Imprint available on multi-tool only.


Multi-Function tool acts as a flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener and keychain.


WorkMate Compact Tool Kit Compact and efficient, this 22 piece set has the essentials. Includes 9 bits with adapter, bit fastener, hammer, Phillips and flat head mini drivers, flashlight, screw driver handle and adaptor for bits, 5 sockets, (7-10mm), tape measure, and a convenient case for women and men.


Promotional carabiner for attaching to many different items. It laser engraves to a natural etch and is not suitable for climbing applications._x000D_


An aluminium tyre gauge with a keychain clip attachment which calculates PSI up to 75 lbs. We recommend laser engraving. Printing will fade over time.


Anodised aluminium pocket screwdriver with white LED light and 6 bits. 3 flat blade (SIZE 1.5, 2.0, 3.0) & 3 Phillips Head (SIZE 00, 0, 1). 


Good quality multi function pocket knife.


Pen holder which clips securely to car air vents. It has a removable clip which is supplied unassembled._x000D_


Metric tape measure with a 2m metal locking tape, a belt clip and a wrist strap.


Robust ice scraper for removing ice from car windscreens or the inside of freezers. It has a tough serrated edge on the reverse for removing built up ice and snow._x000D_


Precision 6 function multi tool complete with a nylon belt pouch.


Locking tape measure with a tough impact-resistant rubber outer case and a 5m metal tape featuring both inches and centimetres. It also has a belt clip and a wrist strap.


Heavy duty multi tool with 12 fold away functions. Comes complete with a nylon pouch that has a convenient belt loop.


Unique screwdriver set with four interchangeable screwdrivers and a secure pocket clip.


Affordable, fully functional plastic vernier caliper.


Tool for measuring tyre tread depth with a handy key ring attachment. It is supplied with complete instructions for use and is an ideal safety product._x000D_


Quality pocket knife with 7 useful functions.


Compact yet powerful ice scraper with a serrated edge for removing ice and snow quickly and efficiently from windscreens. It features an innovative groove for cleaning wiper blades and it is also great for removing ice from freezer walls._x000D_


Pen-style tool with pocket clip. 3mm flat head screwdriver with 2.5mm Phillips screwdriver featured on top.


Telescoping magnetic tool extends to 67cm. Twist-function single white LED light in magnetic base.


Smart seven-piece set of powder coated tools in a compact, pocket-size multi-tool. It has five different size Allen keys, a Phillips screwdriver and a conventional screwdriver.


Compact multi-function metal safety tool for vehicles. It has a hammer for breaking glass, a seat belt cutter, a powerful warning light and a strong magnet for attaching it to the top of a disabled vehicle. The light uses radical COB (Chips on Board) technology which increases both the light intensity and the battery life. It has a handy woven wrist strap...


Compact nine-function multi-tool with a clip which has seven tools that flip out of the main housing and lock in place. It contains four Phillips screwdrivers and four conventional screwdrivers. The tool also has a flashlight with six powerful LEDs that use two AAA batteries which are included.


Stainless steel multi-tool that is credit card size and slim enough to fit in a wallet. It features a can opener, a knife edge, a screwdriver, a ruler, a two-position wrench, a four-position wrench, a butterfly wrench, a saw blade and a direction ancillary indicator for navigation. Multi-Tool Card can be used anywhere and is ideal for outdoor activities....


Handy six-function multi-tool with a key ring which is beautifully presented in a black gift box. It has a Phillips screwdriver, a conventional screwdriver, a bottle opener, a knife and an LED light. It uses one button cell battery which is included. Mustang laser engraves to an oxidised white colour.


Premium stainless steel multi-tool which has 12 functions and features a claw hammer. It has a birch wood hand grip, a carry pouch with a Velcro closure and a belt loop. Wood is a natural material which produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and branding.


Robust and practical car emergency tool which is manufactured from ABS plastic. It features a seatbelt cutter and a window breaker.


Round locking tape measure with a durable 1.5m non-stretch tape which is calibrated in both inches and centimetres. It is ideal for use around the home or office.


Practical car safety hammer and seat belt cutter which is nicely presented in a printed XD Design gift box.


Sturdy 24-piece tool set in a novel wheel-shaped plastic case.


Small pocket screwdriver set which has two conventional and two Phillips screwdriver heads. The outer housing acts as the screwdriver handle and has a magnetic port to hold the selected head in place.


A handy personal fan with three power settings which is ideal for use at home, the office or events. It can be hand-held or has its own convenient stand. Gyro will operate for approximately three hours on the highest fan setting and is easily recharged from any USB port or a mains adapter. It is supplied in a white box with a Micro-B USB cable.


Exciting new multi-purpose tool for builders, electricians, mechanics, engineers, plumbers and all tradesmen. It is also ideal for use around the home and office. Screwmagnet has an incredibly powerful magnet that will hold up to 11kg and a sturdy clip to attach it to pockets and belts. It will securely hold screws, nails, bolts, nuts, washers and other...


Smart combination padlock which is ideal for case and bag security. It has a TSA (Transport Security Administration) lock so authorised officials can open luggage for border control purposes without damaging the case, bag or lock. Instructions for setting the combination are included.


Swiss Peaks design and manufacturing skills have combined to produce a gift that will last a lifetime. This 13-function stainless steel multi-tool has a multitude of uses and with its handy carry pouch it will always be at hand when needed. Swiss Peak considers everything and the multi-tool is beautifully presented in its own printed gift box. It laser...


Handy five-function stainless steel multi-tool which includes a carabiner for attaching the tool to a belt or a bag. The carabiner laser engraves to a natural etch.


Mini screwdriver set with single white LED light. Includes 2 mini Phillips-head screwdrivers and 3 mini flathead screwdrivers. Press button power for light, flip open cover to expose tools.


Includes 2 Phillips, 3 star head bits, 1 flathead bit, 1 bent flathead bit, and 1 spanner bit. Twist-off cap for bit storage. Magnetic base. Durable metal clip. Laser engraving recommended.


Functions include pliers with 3 gripping surfaces, wire cutter, small knife, large knife, metal/wood file, standard ruler/scale, can piercer, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, Phillips-head screwdriver, punch and fish scaler/hook remover. Includes UltraHyde pouch with snap closure.


Functions include pliers with 3 gripping surfaces, wire cutter, small knife, large knife, metal/wood file, standard ruler/scale, can piercer, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, Phillips-head screwdriver, punch and fish scaler/hook remover. Includes UltraHyde pouch with snap closure. Imprint available on Pliers only. Pouch packed separately. See General...


Pliers with 2 gripping surfaces, wire cutter, twist-on single white LED light, knife, serrated knife, Phillips-head screwdriver and bottle opener. Includes woven nylon pouch with belt loop and Velcro closure.


Bubble level includes 2 carbon steel screwdriver bits (1 Phillips-head and 1 flathead). Magnetic base holds bits in place for use. Pull off rubber end cap for bit storage.


Slide-out end compartment contains 3 double-ended screwdriver bits (3 flathead, 3 Phillips-head). Double white LED lights with slide on/off power switch. Magnetic base.


91cm metal tape measure with standard and metric measurements. Built-in level. 6 screwdriver bits (2 hex, 2 flathead, 2 Phillips-head). Single white LED light with on/off switch. Magnetic base.


6 screwdriver bits (2 hex, 2 flathead, 2 Phillips-head) inside swivel-handle clip. Single white LED light. Slide on/off power switch. Magnetic base.


Includes 2 flathead and 2 Phillips-head screwdriver bits stored under the cap. Magnetic base. Single white LED light with push on/off power button. Built-in level. Pocket clip.


Heavy-duty double-ended auto tool. 8 white LED lights. Press button on/off power switch. Includes a window breaker and removable cap exposes seatbelt cutter. See General Information page for battery insertion charges.


Includes pocket knife, bottle opener, cork screw, screwdriver, can opener, scissors, nail file, hole marker, saw, pinhole, wire cutter and file. Includes mini metal split key ring.


Includes stainless steel knife, spring-loaded scissors, tweezers, nail file, plastic toothpick and mini metal split ring.


Multi-function pocket knife includes bottle opener and white LED swivel flashlight with twist on/off power.


Mini aluminium tyre gauge with a key chain so it can be attached to a car key. It will measure up to 50PSI and laser engraves to an oxidised white colour.


This compact screwdriver tool features 6 different screwdriver bits,including 3 phillips and 3 flat heads. Simply line-up the arrows with the bit you’d like to use and it will slide into position for use. Then pull back on the black sleeve to lock it into place. Individually packaged in a white box.


Car emergency kit with powerful swivel spotlight and reflective emergency lights, CE approved, 12V adaptor. Includes: hammer, wrench, hexagon keys, pliers, 4 x C batteries. In coloured gift box.


Microfibre lens cloth in snap lock storage case with phillips head screwdriver. Keyring attachment.


Stainless Steel with 12 implements including: hammer, wire cutter, screwdriver, pliers, Phillips head screwdriver, large and small flat blade screwdriver, saw, metal file, bottle opener, small and large knife blade. Supplied in Nylon belt pouch.


Multihandle screwdriver set with 2 Phillips head & 2 Flat head screwdrivers, spirit level, White LED light & pocket clip. Silver with Black accents. Button cell battery included & inserted.


Screwdriver set with nickel plated split ring and chain. Tools feature 2 x Phillips head and 3 x flat screwdriver blades. Ideal for repairing eye/sunglasses, small electronic devices.


Stainless Steel with 10 implements including: pliers, wire cutter, small phillips head screwdriver, 2 x large flat blade screwdrivers, metal file, knife blade, saw, bottle opener, and spike. Supplied in Black Nylon belt pouch.


The world's favourite pocket Screwdriver. Regular blade and button top standard. Handy pocket clip.


The world's favourite pocket Screwdriver. Regular blade and button top standard. 25% larger than the original Pocket Partner. Handy pocket clip.


Stainless steel waiter's knife supplied in nylon black pouch.


Rosewood trim, nine function multi-tool and eight function pocket knife with multi head attachments. Zipped nylon case.


Mini multi-tool with LED torch light, supplied in gift tin.


For the outdoor adventurer, waist belt carry case with binoculars, hip flask, torch and pen knife. Boxed.


Eight function knife, plus torch and compass, thermometer, magnifier. Packed in pouch.


High quality 13 function multi tool with blue alloy handles. Packed in black 600D nylon pouch.


Functions: can opener, large blade, wood saw, screwdriver, reamer, wire cutter, wire stripper, scissors, metal file, fish hook remover, scaler, pliers, ruler and bottle opener. Black nylon pouch with belt loop.


Stainless steel component multi tool in black finish. Features: 13 functions including long nose pliers, standard pliers, wire cutter, files, big slotted screwdriver, medium slotted screwdriver, knife, phillips screwdriver and saw. Packed in 2 piece Swiss Peak box with hang tag. Low Cadmium compliant.


Comes complete with D783 professional binoculars 8x21, 5 implement stainless steel pocket knife, metal pocket torch & 1 x AAA battery, compass and plastic poncho. Supplied in 600D black nylon pouch with belt loop and velcro closure. In black box.


Stainless steel 9 function multi-tool, Pouch made from nylon with belt strap.


Stainless steel 9 function multi-tool, Black pouch with velcro closure.


Stainless steel multi-tool, 9 implements, Supplied in nylon belt pouch.


Kit consists of 9 function deluxe multi tool, D758 concord torch, compass/thermometer, Zippered black case with PVC patch.


Stainless steel 9 function multi-tool set, Black pouch with velcro closure.


With LED torch this handy tool comes with a carabineer and is packaged in a black box. Features: Mini tool with push button LED includes small knife, can opener, slot screwdriver, philips screwdriver, hardened stainless key ring. Includes 6cm silver clip.


Stainless steel multi tool with spanner head, including adjustable multi-grip, big foldable knife, bits holder with 4 bits, and black PU pouch. Features: The stainless steel metal is a darker metal on the body of the tool then the spanner head. Very solid feeling 7mm thick, it is supplied in a black hinged gift box.


Supplied in a black 600D polyester pouch with grey PVC front panel suitable for printing and attached 8cm matt silver carabineer clip Features: Clip kit tool pouch includes following tool: 10 piece belt set, 7-10mm sockets, 3pcs hex key wrench 2.5, 3 and 4mm.


This handy compass is beautifully presented in a black box with magnetic closure.   Features: Comes with a strap and a black pouch


Stainless Steel nine fold multi tool with rubber coated metal handles supplied with 10 piece attachment. Set and pouch supplied in a black gift box Features: 10 function multitool with bit set packed in a polyester pouch


Stainless steel multi tool which has 13 functions and an aluminium grip. Includes a black pouch and presented in a black hinged gift box.


Strong zinc alloy compass with big hook which makes it comfortable to attach to all your outdoor gear. Features: U shape body with 3.8cm compass in centre. All sprayed black with anodised grey hook. Come with a 1680D Swiss Peak carry pouch.


Stainless steels components with black finished blade, belt clip, belt cutter and emergency hammer. Supplied with a 1680D Swiss Peak carry pouch. Features: Supplied in 2 pieces Swiss Peak box with hang tag. Low Cadmium compliant.


Heavy duty stainless steel casing. Quality parts packed in tin box with EVA insert.


15 head ratchet set, box cutter and 1m tape measure packed into quality PU zipped pouch. Boxed.


This 13-function multi tool is without doubt ‘top of the range’. With high-gloss stainless steel handle and implements, Hercules Pro features a secure internal spring as well as a safety implement locking device that ensures the knife, screwdrivers etc. will remain extended until the unlock button is pressed. Available in gloss stainless steel with black...


This feature-packed multi-tool has thirteen functions in a compact design. Supplied in a deluxe nylon pouch or combine it with the Universal Tape Measure for a great gift set.


This feature packed tool includes a 9-piece all purpose screwdriver set and is supplied in a nylon pouch.

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